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why?because there were many things happened in our week end. Saturday, my husband and my son did not allow me to go to office, they want me to stay, before lunch we try to watched bee movie, because maki loves to watch movie. Afternoon, we went in a mall, and we bought new shoes for maki, daddy and maki has bonding moments when they chose which shoes we gonna bought, oh for about 5 minutes they found the shoes, oh its so expensive!and then we bought also socks, then we're ready for a birthday party.

And then sunday, we have a bonding moment with my mom and dad, they love maki so much.because its sunday so it is the time to go to my parents'house. then at nyt we watched bee movie again because of maki, then suddenly i saw maki sleeping, so its time for me to sleep but our daddy still in the computer.

It's raining outside, can you imagine we're stranded for almost 1 hour because of the heavy rains. But after an hour, the rain had stopped, and then i immediately went home to see my baby.

When i came home, i saw my baby watching bee movie, his so very happy. While watching he continously shout every time the character shout in the movie.

It's time for me to sleep because maki is crying now, he want me to sleep also.

What a busy day today......i have to finish my list of turnover for the new trainee for ecai, my employer. This coming June 30, 2009 will be my last day in ecai because i have to report to my new employer. I'm so excited for the new challenges and new co-employee.

But for now i need to explain everything to Mrs. Sales, the new trainee, everything she has to know. So talk and talk and talk until my mouth got dry, stop! i need to drink. After we had our lunch, it's time for me to sleep since we had an early luch. Exactly 12nn, my eyes got close........and then sleep....sleep....sleep... One hour later I woke up and got back to work.

Afternoon.... continuation of the orientation to Mrs. Sales. Then it was time already and 8hours had passed by...i need to go home to cook food for my baby. But before that, i need to go to the market to buy some food.

My baby loves to eat fish...imagine fish only, he don't want rice....

It's time for me to sleep....'till next time.

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