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What a tiring day!, i think because of the holiday yesterday, the workload got high...but i need to focus at the end i finished half of my workload.

As a usual day, when i'm about to leave maki woke up and asked me "mommy go out?mommy stay, don't leave maki". Every morning if i heard that words from my baby, i am thinking if i'm going to office or stay with him, i felt pity for my baby. I want to stay but i need to work.

You know what, later when we are about to sleep, i'm going to talk to maki and ask his permission to allow me to go to office tomorrow and i will promise to him that i will go back after office...cross finger...that maki will answer..."ok mommy".

Good night everyone...and good luck to me...LOL

After a few months of hibernating, now I'm back and wanting to write some nice and cool stuff about life and parenting. I just hope that everyone will read some of my work and things that I'll be posting here. Whatever it is!

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