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I'm so happy because we have new companion to take good care of maki when i'm in the office, she's ate divina, a neighbor and a friend of my mother-in law. She's nice, of course at first maki don't want to be with ate divina, but late in the afternoon, they seems so close, but when i got home, he don't want to go to ate divina, he wants to stay with me all the time.

On the other hand, i'm so surprise now because i have the opportunity to chat to donna through ym. Donna is a friend of mine since high school, and a godmother of maki, she's in canada right now. She will back here in the philippines maybe some time in 2011, hopefully. But anyway, we talked a lot about our friends too. She just hoping that in God's time, the right man will come in her life. ...Thanks Donna!!!

It's time to sleep now because i'm sleepy again.


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