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Can you imagine?!!The instinct of a woman..................anyway!!!it's just goes like this.

Last nyt, i don't know..what happened to me, i can't sleep, i'm so worried, because i am just thinking who will be with my baby...because my cousin went back to bicol. And then monday morning we need to go to office my husband go to pampanga so he needs to prepare early, while me is just approximately 500 meters away my office from our house. But still, i'm not in the mood to work because i always thinking what happen to my baby...until lunch time..i call my mother-in-law. to ask how's's just a minute...that i heard from her that maki has a bruise on his forehead because he slips away, he cried and break my heart because i feel pity to my baby.

Then suddenly, i realized that because of the feeling last nyt, it just happen that maki got bruise on his forehead.. that's the instinct of a woman.....

But till now, im hoping that there is someone who will be with my son when i'm away...

Sleeping time again...nyt nyt..


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