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For all working mommies, getting nannies are the best, to act as mommy when we are not around. Just like me, I need ate Lanie to take good care of my son maki, unfortunately she got fever last Wednesday. That was my big problem…the solution…I brought my son in the office. On the next day, ate Lanie still sick, so I needed to take a leave in the office to stay with my son in our house, at that day also maki have fever in the afternoon.

I hurriedly got the paracetamol, so that his fever will go down, imagine 38.9 was his temperature. We are about to bring him in his pedia…but my mom told me to just observe first his temperature.

Despite of having a fever, maki is still hyper.

I will take this opportunity also to thank maki’s pedia, because she is so accommodating. I just text her to inform her about the situation of maki, then she advice me to just continue give him a paracetamol and carbocistiene for his cough.

Hoping that this week maki will be ok so that we can bring him at the park again.
And maki needs more energy because we have a lot to do for these coming days. We have to attend reunion of our family, the anniversary of our church and we need to prepare for his 3rd birthday. But first, we need to celebrate our daddy’s birthday.


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