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“The only permanent in life is change”; what a phrase! but it is very meaningful to me. There are a lot of changes that happen to me, one thing is now that I am writing like this, I never did this way, I am not fond on writing stories or anything especially about my life, but I hope it will be a big change to me and it will give me a new door to pursue and to experience.

But the story that I will write is not about me but instead about my younger brother. He is now a 2nd year college. Since he started studying, we felt so disappointed to him. When he was in elementary grade, he did not showed interest on his study, his grade was very low, despite those low grades, he graduated in elementary and hoping that in his high school days will change his performance, hoping that he will get high grades.

On his high school days, it seems that the way he studied in elementary was also happening on his high school. The grades also were very low, and there were times that he was saying to our mother, that he doesn’t like to go to school. We were on analyzing the situation; at that time he was sick because he experienced seizure, until we consulted the doctor. We all know that seizure will affect the brain of the person, he undergo on EEG, CT scan, and we asked also the doctor that is it possible because of the seizure that’s why he got low grades. Those experiences bother us, because for everybody education is very important. Despite of those trials he graduated in high school but the grades as usual. We also tried to get scholarship for him, because he needs to pursue his studies, because we are not rich to support his studies. But because his grades were not attractive that time, so he did not make it to get the scholarship.

As his elder sister, I talked to him, that we are going to support his study if he will study well and he will give us an average grade. Even my husband doesn’t like to support my brother’s study, but because of my eagerness and the promise that my brother that he is going to be a good student.

In his 1st year in college, he has remarkable grades; if in elementary and high school he got low grades in college is a big change, he never experience low grade. Last week he gave me his grades and when I saw it I was amaze because he got 1.25 on his major subject. I am so very thankful, that we give him another chance, and I hope he will continue to study well and have focus on what his doing.

Just like the changes in Goldilocks, our family also changes, if my brother will finish his studies maybe he’ll be the one to bring pasulubong to his niece and nephews. Right now I only bring pasalubong for my son and a little for my brother. Since the store of Goldilocks is very near in my office, so before I go home, I buy first “pasalubong”.


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