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Yesterday we went to church. At first, maki was so amaze when the children’s choir showed their presentation. I asked him if he want to be like them, maki said “yes mommy”. After the presentation they invited all the kids to go down to attend the Sunday school. So we went down to the play house. Maki was so tame, and he always beside me, I keep on asking him why you’re so very shy, why you don’t mingle with other kids. I just thought that was the first time that maki attended some sort of schooling. Maybe next week I will try that maki overcome those fear, shyness and everything.

Every night we have a story telling, I just ask first what happened to him the whole day, and then I will tell a story about our family, most often about maki. Now, I will include also about his schooling every Sunday, I think It will help him to realize what is the importance to be with other kid to socialize.

I just thinking what will happen tomorrow? Tomorrow is the birthday of my hubby, I keep practicing maki to sing happy birthday for his daddy. I am planning to cook some of his favorite food, like spaghetti, vegetable salad, some fish, cake (maki’s request). I hope it will happen despite that I am going to the office tomorrow. Daddy will spend his day with maki tomorrow because he is on leave from his work for two days.


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